AMERICAN BROTHER - Mecot's Letters
Mecot's Letters

Mecot's letter to Neighbor Roy. Mecot looked up to him and asked his advice when he was trying to decide whether or not to join the US Marines. Roy was retired Army. And yes, Roy told him: "You will make a fine Marine!"

Typed Copy of Letter to Roy Dated: 4 July 83

Typed Copy of Letter to Aunt Katie (Mecot wrote "Cathy") Dated: 26 August 83

Another Letter to Aunt Katie. Dated April 29, 1982

Mecot's Letter to our sister, Threase and her family.

Mecot lover our dear Great Aunt Katie. They were close fishing buddies. Our Great Uncle Joe, her husband, served in the US Marines too.

Roy's son wrote down his thoughts after receiving the news that Mecot did not survive the blast.

Typed Copy of Letter to Threase Dated: 5 June 83

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